Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands often suffer from some of the harshest and most noticeable signs of aging. Rough skin, loss of volume and skin discoloration on the backs of the hands can all cause your hands to appear more aged than you feel.
Our complete hand rejuvenation package includes a comprehensive set of treatments designed to restore the hands to their original, youthful look and help you feel more confident. Through a careful combination of treating surface skin as well as addressing volume loss in the hands, hand rejuvenation can provide an excellent option for those who wish to revitalize the appearance of one of the most essential parts of the body.

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Is Hand Rejuvenation Right for You?

If your hands show signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and volume thinning, you may be an excellent candidate for hand rejuvenation. This customized treatment can correct the natural loss of volume that makes hands appear bony and thin. In addition, hand rejuvenation can improve the appearance of prominent veins on the backs of your hands while also firming and tightening the skin to smooth away wrinkles.

Aging Hands

Hand rejuvenation uses a customized approach to improve the look and feel of the hands. Dermal fillers can restore volume to soften a bony appearance, while chemical peels and laser resurfacing can be applied to the back of the hands to correct age spots, sun damage, fine lines and other blemishes.
A combination of treatments typically delivers the best hand rejuvenation results. RADIESSE® dermal filler, a noninvasive calcium-based injectable, can create fuller contours of the hands that bring back your more youthful look, while a light
chemical peel can remove dead and damaged skin without harming the healthy, youthful skin underneath. As the final step, gentle laser resurfacing can help correct skin discoloration like age spots.

Your Recovery & Results

Depending on the approach used for your custom hand rejuvenation package, your treatment can take as little as 45 minutes and offer instant results that can last up to 1 year. The results from the RADIESSE® dermal filler should be noticeable immediately following your treatment. RADIESSE® injections add plumpness and replenish volume to the backs of the hands while providing the foundation for new collagen to form, making your results long lasting.
Our special hand peel removes surface layer skin that is damaged or discolored, resulting in clearer, brighter skin that develops over the coming days and week. People who elect to include Fraxel® Dual laser resurfacing may continue to notice improved skin firmness, texture and tone over the following several weeks and months.

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation in your hands, you may wish to include a photofacial, which uses intense pulsed light to target skin discoloration.
Pigmented spots, like age spots, sun damage or freckles, absorb the energy from the intense pulsed light, eventually falling away to reveal clearer skin.

The side effects of our hand rejuvenation treatments are typically minimal.
Some people experience temporary swelling, bruising or itching, which should fade over the first several days. Following your treatment, you should notice that your hands appear more youthful, healthier and more even in both texture and tone.

Skin Raleigh has helped clients from throughout North Carolina, including Durham and Chapel Hill, meet their cosmetic goals with nonsurgical treatment options from our med spa. If you’re ready to see the difference that our aesthetic team can make in your appearance, please request a consultation today.

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