Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments are designed to improve the overall health and quality of the skin using state-of-the-art technology and scientifically tested products.
These nonsurgical procedures can address a wide range of complexion concerns, from uneven texture to hyperpigmentation to acne scars to minor skin sagging.
Whether you desire to maintain a youthful, healthy glow or treat existing skin damage, our professional skin rejuvenation treatments can help you attain a more vibrant look.

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  • Fraxel® Dual laser resurfacing can be used to refresh and renew skin on the face, neck, chest and hands using laser technology to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. By healing the skin from the inside out, laser resurfacing can improve acne scars, sun damage, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles.
  • Laser rejuvenation treatments come in a range of forms designed to improve the texture, firmness and appearance of the skin. These nonsurgical procedures can treat sun damage, remove unsightly facial veins and tighten the skin.
  • Hand rejuvenation addresses aged or damaged skin on the hands, plumping skin and minimizing age spots for a younger-looking hand appearance.
  • Ultherapy® uses ultrasound waves to tighten and lift the skin without surgery. Ultherapy® treatments can be the perfect option for people interested in treating minor skin sagging who aren’t ready for a facelift.
  • SkinPen® is a microneedling device that heals the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin while encouraging the turnover of skin cells. SkinPen® treatments offer a less aggressive alternative to laser resurfacing.
  • Photofacials employ intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy to reverse the effects of sun damage. By targeting areas of the skin that have been tinted by sun exposure, a photofacial encourages these pigmented spots to fall away, revealing a more even skin tone.
  • Chemical peels come in a range of strengths designed to address varying degrees of skin issues. By sloughing away the top layer of the skin, customized chemical peels can bring the fresh, underlying skin to the surface for an overall healthier look.
  • Dermaplaning is an ablative skin rejuvenation option that gently removes dead surface skin cells to reveal smoother and younger looking skin underneath. Dermaplaning can help unclog pores and improve skin texture as well as minor scarring.

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