Dermaplaning is an innovative treatment that removes the dull superficial layer of the skin to reveal clearer, smoother skin underneath. The surface of the skin suffers the most damage from the sun, environmental stressors, acne and other blemishes. Through this gentle exfoliation technique that essentially shaves away surface skin cells to promote cell turnover, your complexion can be rejuvenated and take on a healthy, radiant glow.

To learn more about the benefits of dermaplaning, please request a consultation today. Skin Raleigh offers a wide range of nonsurgical, medical-grade skincare treatments to help you enjoy a youthful look for longer.

Is Dermaplaning Right for You?

Dermaplaning is suitable for all types of skin and is commonly used to improve skin tone and texture as well as remove unwanted “peach fuzz” facial hair. The process gently removes dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin’s surface, helping your skin naturally achieve a clearer complexion, while the shaving element of dermaplaning means that fine hairs can also be reduced or eliminated.

People who have dermaplaning treatments may be concerned with one or more common skin issues:

Acne Treatment

Dermaplaning gently shaves away the surface layer of skin to reveal the cleaner, smoother skin underneath. Dermaplaning can treat acne by leaving pores clean and the skin tight. The treatment can be a good option for pregnant women who wish to avoid using chemicals.

Unwanted Hair

Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz and other fine hairs on the face by shaving away the top layer of the dermis, or skin. While some people use dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin and revive their complexion, the removal of fine vellus hair, or peach fuzz, is one of the most common uses for the procedure. Dermaplaning can be repeated as needed to maintain a smooth, hair-free complexion.

Your Recovery & Results

Dermaplaning is a quick procedure that requires no downtime, making this a popular option for men and women who wish to avoid more intensive treatments. Immediately following your treatment, our aesthetician will apply a hydrating moisturizer to your skin to allow for the healthiest results. You can return to your normal activities as soon as you finish your appointment.

Removing the fine vellus hair from the face can also help keep pores unclogged, contributing to an overall clearer complexion. You should notice a brighter and more vibrant look that feels smooth to the touch. Many people choose to include dermaplaning treatments in their regular skincare routine, but a single session can also serve as a touchup before a special event. Treatments may be repeated as frequently as every 2 weeks.

You may also wish to have a dermaplaning treatment in preparation for a chemical peel or Fraxel® laser resurfacing , since this procedure will leave your skin more receptive to additional rejuvenation procedures.

Skin Raleigh has helped clients from throughout North Carolina, including Durham and Chapel Hill, meet their cosmetic goals with nonsurgical treatment options from our med spa. If you’re ready to see the difference that our aesthetic team can make in your appearance, please request a consultation today.

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