Written on April 30, 2015 at 5:33 am

I developed a large chest in the eighth grade. After years of regular, vigorous, exercise -which I would never give up- and despite my efforts to wear supportive sports bras, I realized that my once perky chest lacked its luster. My breasts had fallen flat and were what I would describe as slightly floppy. This is a normal description for a woman who has had children or breast fed but I was far from that time in my life.

I was twenty-one.

Due to gravity and regular exercise, the skin that held my breasts had stretched, causing them to sag. Forget wearing a cute strapless top or summer dress, everything that I shopped for or wore revolved around the supportive, thick strapped bra that I had to wear in order to feel comfortable. I’ll never forget my college roommates and I jokingly comparing my large “granny” bras and their adorable, skinny strapped bras. Bikini season was brutal. Each pool or beach day ended with an application of healing ointment to the deep cut caused by my halter bathing suit tops on the back of my neck. The expression ‘beauty is pain,’ rang very true during those days. Don’t get me wrong. My problem was a great problem to have. I have never felt ungrateful for my body. Nor have I wished for another, I just wanted a little more control over my chest. We should all feel that we have control over our body parts.

At twenty-three, I made the decision to have a breast lift or mastopexy. Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery was warm and inviting. During my consultation, Dr. Davis talked with me about my concerns and the outcome I desired. He educated me on my options and gave me his recommendation based on our discussion and his assessment. Dr. Davis gave me an honest and realistic expectation which was refreshing.

The procedure was a breeze. The Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery staff kindly eased my surgery day jitters and the anesthesiologist took time to talk with me and make sure that I felt comfortable before the procedure began. I awoke feeling far better than I anticipated. Naturally, my chest felt tight but that was a feeling I had wanted for years!
I still wear supportive sports bras, but I finally feel that I have control over my own body. I can wear a cute, strapless dress or summer top, and a day at the beach has never been so comfortable.

Some may call it vanity, some may call it unnecessary, but my choice to have a breast lift increased my self-confidence so much more than I ever imagined it could. Breast lifts aren’t just for the older generations, they’re for women of all ages. I am proof.