Areas of interest: Veins on Legs(Man)

Veins on the legs, commonly known as spider veins, can be unsightly and embarrassing. More common in women than men, spider veins can be caused by such a variety of factors that they are nearly impossible to prevent. Obesity, pregnancy, poor blood circulation, smoking, hormonal birth control and genetics can all contribute to spider veins. What’s more, spider veins are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional treatment. Skin Raleigh offers spider vein treatment for those hoping to reclaim their youthful looking legs and even skin tone. !body_area=17

Spider Vein Treatment

Written on May 13, 2016 at 9:18 pm

Spider vein therapy, also known as sclerotherapy, uses a solution comprised of salt, glycerin and fatty acids to collapse the faulty veins. During treatment, the solution is injected into the target vein(s), causing the veins to shrink and disappear. The procedure requires no downtime, although some people experience soreness, itchiness or redness in the target … Continue reading Spider Vein Treatment