Areas of interest: Rosacea(Universal)

Rosacea affects a number of men and women of all ages. The chronic skin condition is characterized by persistent redness, dilated blood vessels and facial swelling. People with rosacea may exhibit mild or severe symptoms. The condition is normally worsened by direct sun exposure. Even if you have rosacea, you can still enjoy a smooth, clear complexion. Skin Raleigh offers rosacea treatments to help people with facial redness have a brighter, clearer skin tone. !body_area=4


Written on January 5, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Photofacial treatments help improve rosacea with intense pulsed light therapy. Intense pulsed light uses a gentle laser energy to penetrate pigmented areas of the skin and cause the pigment to lighten or fall away entirely. Because people with rosacea often have dilated blood vessels and broken capillaries that are visible on the surface of the … Continue reading Photofacial