Areas of interest: Dark Circles/Bags under Eyes(Universal)

The appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes can be brought on by age or simply facial structure. Although bags under the eyes seem as if they are caused by too much facial volume, the true cause of under-eye bags is a lack or loss of facial volume, causing these pillows of soft tissue to stand out. Most people with under-eye bags have developed these dark circles as a result of the aging process. Some, however, may simply have naturally thin tissue in the upper face, causing bags under the eyes and an appearance of being permanently tired. Skin Raleigh offers solutions for under-eye bags for men and women interested in rejuvenating their appearance. !body_area=2

Injectable Fillers

Written on January 5, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Injectable fillers can minimize the appearance of under-eye bags by filling out volume in the surrounding area, creating a youthful-looking result. In addition to restoring lost volume, some dermal fillers actually encourage collagen production so that your skin naturally tightens, tones and fills out over time. By increasing plumpness in the upper face, dark circles … Continue reading Injectable Fillers