How to Get Rid of Dark Spots: From Lasers to Retin-A

Written on June 1, 2016 at 4:31 pm

Uneven skin tone caused by aging or sun damage can leave your skin feeling less vibrant and youthful than you might prefer. However, there are many treatment options available that can lighten and diminish dark spots and dramatically improve the overall appearance of your skin. From lasers to topical treatments, here are just a few of the options to consider if dark spots have you down.


Topical skin products containing Retin-A can be a powerful ally in combating dark spots and other signs of skin damage and aging to leave behind firmer, clearer and smoother skin. Retin-A boosts the amount of blood supply to the skin, promotes the production of new, healthier skin cells and lightens hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Chemical Peels

As the name implies, chemical peels improve the appearance of the skin by removing the top layer of skin where signs of damage and aging, such as dark spots, reside. A peel can leave the skin with a more vibrant appearance and dark spots can be minimized or completely eliminated. Additionally, some peels trigger a microinjury which activates the skin’s natural healing process. As more collagen is produced, the skin will appear younger, smoother and firmer.

Laser Treatments

Modern laser technology offers multiple options for different skin types and concerns. A common treatment for people plagued with pigmentation issues is the IPL photofacial. This gentle laser treatment delivers laser energy to areas of hyperpigmentation, causing them to darken, flake and eventually fall off the skin.

With so many modern, noninvasive treatments available to treat skin concerns such as dark spots, it can be confusing to know which is right for you. Visit a certified aesthetician or plastic surgeon to develop a customized treatment plan based on your skin type and unique concerns.